How to download from a Torrent

Torrents are now considered one of the most popular and simplest forms of sharing a file. The network, launched in 2006, is now used to distribute software, movies, games, or music.

How torrents work

The operating principles of torrents are rather complicated if you delve into the terminology and technical criteria. In simple words, those who download files are called peers. Those who host those files are called seeds. Seeds use a torrent client to split one large file into tens or even hundreds of small ones.

Peers can download this data using the tracking servers built into the program. How quickly the file downloads depends on the number of these seeds and peers in the torrent line.

Is it safe?

Torrents have become popular due to their high download and upload speeds. People preferred to exchange heavy files in this way. But this activity has attracted the attention of the authorities. More and more providers and copyright holders are tracking users via their IP addresses. Because of this, many have had to abandon the use of torrents due to the threat of being charged with copyright infringement.

Please be aware that downloading recently released movies, videos, music, books, etc. is very risky. Product owners actively look for individuals who have illegally shared and downloaded their work. Users can protect themselves from prosecution if they download legal torrents, of which there are many. These usually include:

· Independent and free films;

· Free open source software;

· Old content.

But the risk of legal liability is not the only threat. Among torrents, malware and viruses are also common.

IMPORTANT! Users can easily protect themselves from risk by using only verified and reliable torrents.

How to download via torrents

It is very easy to download files via torrents. For this you need to:

1. Download and install the required software (a torrent client).

2. Find the torrent file to download.

3. Start downloading.

Downloading and installing a torrent client

One of the most popular programs is uTorrent. Many users prefer to download early versions due to the lack of intrusive ads.

This is how you download and install a torrent client:

1. First you need to download the Torrent client to your PC or laptop.

2. When the download is complete, you need to open the file. If it was downloaded as an archive, click on "Extract All". The folder with the file will appear. Click on it.

3. Start the installation process.

4. The program is installed and you can download files via torrent.

Searching via Yandex or Google

To find a torrent, you need to perform a regular search query and add "torrent" at the end.

Then you can open sites and search for the desired file. It is not recommended to use unfamiliar and unverified sites. Many of them display malware or fake programs under the guise of download links.

IMPORTANT! There is usually a green logo next to the download links for the torrent file you want.

If you have any doubt that a site actually hosts torrents, pay more attention to it, and be careful. In case you have already downloaded a file, pay attention to the name. Torrents always have .torrent at the end of their name. If the file is named differently somehow, then it is not recommended that you risk opening it. There is a considerable risk that this is malware.

Searching for torrents through the Yandex and Google search engines is quite simple. But simplicity doesn't guarantee security. There is much less risk when downloading from torrent trackers.

Searching torrent trackers

Torrent trackers are specialized sites dedicated to storing torrents. An additional advantage for the user is that they are always free, but registration is often required.

Usually, the sites that require registration to download torrents are more reliable. It is recommended that you choose them. They are also well-maintained, often updated, and free from malware.

Popular torrent trackers without registration

The best torrent trackers without registration have been tested by thousands of users. To download files from these, you do not have to follow third-party links, but just need to click "Download".

· Torrent-Games. This torrent tracker is over 7 years old. About 16 thousand users visit it daily. You can download games for your PC for free and without registration.

· RUS-MEDIA. For the site to work correctly, you must use a proxy server. This torrent tracker has been used daily by more than 10 thousand users for the past 7 years. On it you can find a large selection of films, TV series and music.

· The site is 4 years old, during which time it has won the trust of tens of thousands of users. You can download programs, films, serials on it.

Torrent trackers with registration

Registration on such sites will only take a couple of minutes. In exchange, the user receives a guarantee of the safety and quality of the downloaded file.

· Known to many users under the name You can find everything on it: from movies to programs for your computer. The site has firmly established itself among the best torrent trackers.

· NNM-Club. A site where users can find games, movies, TV shows, music, programs, etc. More than 4 million users use it. The simple interface and convenient navigation are especially attractive.

· A well-known torrent tracker for downloading movies, cartoons, TV series, music, etc.

Downloading the main file

When the installation of the program and the download of the torrent is over, it's time to start downloading the main file – the actual file that you want. You just need to double-click on it, after which the installed torrent client will open automatically.

Next, you will need to specify the location where you wish to store the main file. When the desired address is specified, click on "OK". After that, the download will automatically start.

All torrent programs have a menu that gives information about the files that have been downloaded and of those which are in the process of being downloaded. It is recommended that you delete unnecessary torrents so that they do not take up space.

Torrents are a free and effective way to distribute and download files at fast speeds. However, users should be aware of the risks that accompany this.

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